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We’ve come a long way from our origins in the dirt.

Us humans are an outcome of life’s long journey of trying to understand itself. We have become incredibly intelligent creatures, searching to interact with the world as deeply as possible. We have connected ourselves to each other across vast spaces and through eons of time. And we have been trying to create peace in the chaos of the universe.

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We are on the edge of 



We wish the world were kinder and freer, and we are ready for a suggestion of how we could achieve that. But the problem is so enormous, almost all-encompassing, that alternatives don’t feel realistic — they are difficult to imagine.

However, deep down, we know the solution is fundamentally simple. If we were to all wake up tomorrow and trust each other enough to restart from scratch all together, we would be able to achieve anything. We could build any type of society we could possibly imagine. What would it take to wake up tomorrow and believe differently?

The change we are on the brink of experience is that we will soon remember that we used to trust each other to build society together a lot more before. We haven’t always been so afraid of each other.


how to





I summarize  the books that have helped me better understand our situation. 

Our dreams  create reality

Society is made up of stories that give meaning ot the things we imagine with each other. There is a story that binds together all the communities in the world caught in the economic, cultural and political globalization movement. That story answered foundational questions a long time ago and has not really been revisited by the globalist order since answering them. This is despite all the know world-shattering knowledge we’ve acquired since then. 


Questions like “why are we here?” and “why do we suffer?” were a long tmie ago framed by